Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me By Foxyflow…Part 11


Amara pushed out from behind me. Maybe in a bid not to scream when she saw the guns, the hammers and the opened legs with a black ugly buttocks facing the sky greeting her, she covered her mouth.
The girl moaned when the boy kneeling down stretched himself. He had succeeded in penetrating her. He made to get up then decided against it. I looked on in horror with Amara holding tight unto me as he penetrated her again. Having secured his position again between her legs, he said four words.
“Welcome to the party.”
In a husky voice before he began ramming into her with force. I was shocked. The other boys were laughing softly while the girl moaned but the moonlight caught tears streaming down her face. Amara’s grip on me had turned vice-like, my skin was smarting underneath her fingers but I still maintained my stance by not flinching. I looked from the face of the rapist who had been called Dele earlier to the other five laughing goons. I felt a nut squeezed in my stomach.
“Baby, you are tight… I know you have it in you. Kiss me.. Oh, you won’t? Don’t worry, I don’t mind. Ahhhh…. We really need to do this again. You are way tighter than the other girls. Yes… Yes….! Yes…!! I’m cumming…!!”
He lurched forward, pulled out his destructive mechanism and poured his seed all over the girl. I wasn’t thinking about his device that resembled that of a donkey, neither was I thinking of the girl that had begun weeping softly. I was thinking about what he had said.
“The other girls…”
There had been other girls. Amara seemed to have relaxed after Dele finished but she still held unto my hand. Dele was cleaning the sweat from his face and talking to the girl, telling her to understand that she brought what had happened upon herself.
“You see, for that and because I am not stingy with what is mine, I will let my friends have you.”
Like on cue, the boys holding the gun lowered it and started fiddling with their belts. Dele stood up, pulled up his trousers and walked towards me, his dagger pointing at me.
“You wan be superhero abi? You wan come rescue the girl shey? You no know say guns go point your face ehn? Oga super Mario, clap for yourself.”
By then he had covered the distance between us and one of the boys had mounted the girl. The girl had stopped struggling but I could see her move her head from side to side as the boy on top of her heaved.
I felt the cold blade on my cheek, not the flat part but the sharp edge. I looked into Dele’s eyes and saw scorn, disdain and something else, fear. Amara held unto me and I was really proud of her. If she was scared, she did not show it. I was but I had to be strong because of her.
“You see, it was curiosity that gave the elephant a long tusk and the vulture a bald head. Next time you hear sounds of this nature, just walk away. I am in a pleasant mood tonight so I will let you go. If I wasn’t…”
Dagger left my face, the dagger changed hands and was replaced with two fingers on Amara’s face. I felt Amara shake and a thousand thoughts occurred to me at the same time. I had to think irrationally. Any action could make him change his mind and I would be putting Amara in harms way.
“Just go.”
I was shocked. The other guys began to protest but a raised hand shushed them.
“I no wan see you again.”
I did not utter a word, I started retreating slowly with Amara by my side.
“Wait… I no want make you forget me.”
I saw stars but felt no pain. He had slapped me. Amara practically dragged me away. As soon as we got to the open, Amara started crying. Her sobs reverberating through her body. I could not comfort her for I was also fighting an internal battle. A battle of morality. Silence in the face of crime is compliance to the crime itself. I had let the innocent girl down. Five boys, five turns in one night. I shuddered and cussed myself. That was utterly selfish of me.
I led Amara to her hostel, my arm around her in a comforting manner. Anyone that walked past us would have thought the posture romantic. We got to her hostel, I hugged her tightly and whispered everything was going to be alright into her ears. She lifted her teary face to look at me as if searching for something on mine. A quick smile replaced with a dark look and then a stinging slap.
“That could have been me.”
Was all she said as she made her way into her hostel and away from me. I stood there staring at the matron who had chosen that moment to come out.
“Don’t worry my son, by tomorrow everything would be alright.”
I turned and walked away thinking of the words of the woman. By tomorrow, everything would be alright, I said to myself. We would move on and forget this night ever happened.
The following day came with a news. A body had been found. I was among the first people to get to the place. My heart was racing and a prayer was on my lips. But that day, God had mocked me for my greatest fear came to be. The girl from last night laid exposed some feet from where last night encounter had taken place – dead.
Her left hand and private part missing.

To be continued

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