Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me By Foxyflow…Part 7


The Devil Who Loved Me By Foxyflow…Part 7

“Thou shalt not kill. If you do, you will wine and dine with the devil. The Bible says, if you are slapped on one cheek, turn the other and receive the second then tell the person God bless you. By that action you are heaping coals of fire on that person.”
The voice of the Pastor resounded through the giant speakers mounted in the church auditorium. The silence that prevailed was solemn as people seemed to be searching their souls. I looked around and saw a few people weeping quietly, others lifted up their voice screaming.
“God forgive me!!! I don’t want to die.”
Who wants to die? Nobody sets out with the intention of dying. They leave their house with the promise of coming back home. They even tell their wives the kind of food they want to eat without knowing that they would soon become food to maggots.
“You should not covet your neighbors’ property. Doing that brings the wrath of God to your household. You will die miserable deaths. Looking at another man’s wife or at another woman’s husband will only make your part of hell hotter.”
Now that is what I call fiery preaching. Not the prosperity that is preached about on Sundays and Wednesdays in some churches. No call for salvation.
“Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent so you can escape the eternal damnation of hell. Demons will pluck out yours eyes in hell and worms will feed on your brains. A long stake will be plunged through you. You will look for death, cry for death but death would turn deaf ears. A single hair on your body will take a thousand years to burn. There will be no water to wet your tongue and the devil will laugh at you daily.”
By now the screaming in the church had quadrupled. Women rolled on the ground and men confessed their sins. I just sat down relishing and basking in the euphoria of the pains and regrets. The church since I discovered it had always been my place of peace. I had entered other churches but the message of prosperity and how seed sowing qualifies one for God’s blessings greatly turned me off.
“If you want to escape hell, I am making an altar call right now. Search your soul deeply. Have you lied before? Cheated? Said bad about your neighbor or even looked at a person lustfully? Now is the time to repent. Tomorrow may be too late. Come out now and receive salvation into your soul. Jesus is Lord.”
The Pastor concluded his message in a most solemn voice. From the vintage position I sat, I could see tears tickling down his cheeks with his lips trembling. Chairs made noise, people tripped as they rushed to the front. It was at that same moment I picked up my Bible and made my way out of the church to my waiting car.
“Justice, wait for me.”
I heard my name. Looking behind me I saw Amara walking quickly towards me. We just came out of CSC 101, a general course. The lecture had been boring with the lecturer bragging instead of teaching.
“Computer scientists will take over this world in no distant time. Soon you wouldn’t need to attend universities as virtual classes will come to be. You will stay in your rooms and receive lectures. You will write exams in your rooms and wouldn’t be able to cheat. A time is coming when to eat, you will just type a code in the computer and your 3D machine will print your food.”
That was the peak of it.
A student screamed from the back.
“Who said that?”
The lecturer paused in his lectures. Nobody answered. The hall was dead silent and a pin drop would echo in the four corners of the class.
“I said who said that?”
The lecturer screamed again. This time there was a few tensed cough, students shuffled on their seats but nobody answered him.
“Okay, you want to show me that you are stubborn right? You are just in hundred level and you are displaying this. Let me tell you, the school will not graduate you on academic grounds only. Your morals will also be put to test.”
As he was saying that, he removed the VGA cable from his laptop, turned off the projector, gathered his note and made his way to the door. When he got there, he paused.
“All of you, tear a sheet of paper. Write down your names and departments. You don’t have matric numbers yet. You have five minutes to answer this question.”
He took his marker out, went to the board and wrote.
“Necessity is the father of invention. Relate this to the invention of IBM computers making Bill Gates the case study.”
We all tore the paper but nobody wrote anything.
“Where are you headed to Justice?”
Amara asked as she caught up with me smiling. Her perfect dentition and gapped tooth fit so well with her oval face and half moon eyes.
“To the cafeteria, I am famished.”
I replied her returning her smile. Life was becoming perfect and I could mix with people without drawing stares to my dirty nature. Even though I steered clear off boys, I still spoke to those who first addressed me. I had met Amara during registration and we had bonded immediately.
“Lunch is on me then.”
She said smiling, her beautiful eyes twinkling like the night stars. My world was definitely close to perfect.

To be continued

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