Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me By Foxyflow…Part 10


The Devil Who Loved Me By Foxyflow…Part 10

After that kiss, things transformed between us. The bond grew stronger and our appearing in places in each others company became normal. Our routine though was from class to the cafeteria, from there back to the hostel and then reading at night. We were so into each other and the kisses and long hugs under moonlight and in dark corners lingered.
We did not allow the relationship get into our heads though. Our grades were always high and having a strong GPA at the end of the first semester was our target. Life was perfect for both of us. We had been branded the unofficial couple and talks were going round about how we could end up married. I for one thought about how perfect it would be.
Something happened that changed everything, changed me and transformed me into the man I became.
Mama paused yet again. This time the light of the lantern was becoming low. She looked at me, I looked back at her my eyes shining.
“Justice, you are not asleep yet?”
Before I could answer, Chidinma voice came on.
“I am not asleep either.”
Mama looked down at her and smiled, adjusted her a little bit before increasing the wick of the lantern. Gathering shadows dispersed as the light fell on them. Mama picked the cup of water and drank a little from it. She relaxed a bit on the chair, throwing her head back before continuing.
It was a night like every other one. We had finished from the class and was making our way down to the hostels when it happened. I can still remember her swinging her hand and talking about the dance class of the Theatre and Media Arts students called Dance 101 when we heard the voice.
“Please, please, Dele, don’t do this to me. Do not force me into doing what I will regret. Please…. Oh Goddddd!!”
Then came the whimpering. I froze in my tracks, My heart suddenly began racing. I looked at Amara, she had heard the voice too. She was walking towards me cautiously.
“You better open your legs if you don’t want me to slash your face with this razor and scar you forever.”
I heard a deep voice bellow in a harsh whisper. I looked at Amara, she had held unto my hand tightly.
“Go on to your hostel, let me look around for the security men.”
I whispered. She did not bulge.
“What if you come back and meet that he had already raped the girl?”
Her voice sounded frightened. I thought about it. She was right. I needed to do something and I needed to do it quickly. No time to think of a plan.
“Okay Amara. Go to the hostel please.”
I pleaded. She shook her head in the negative. I shrugged.
“Ehhh… Please, I will date you. Don’t just do this to me.”
“It is already too late. I am not a patient man.”
The masculine voice replied. The female voice was trying to say something when a loud slap shushed her and the sound of a struggle commenced. Slaps resounded intermittently drawing whimpers from the girl.
It was terrible. I quickened my step in the direction of the voices with Amara holding unto the helm of my shirt. When I parted the adjoining bush, I immediately wished I had listened to my instincts and had gone to look for the security personnel.
They were five. Two held wooden hammers, two pistols while one was knelt between the legs of a girl, a dagger in his hand. His buttocks was exposed while the blouse of the girl was torn, her breasts fully exposed. The way they spurn with their weapons, raising it and pointing at me made my heart skip three beats.
“Sorry, I will just leave you guys alone.”
I said retreating. There was no move from the boys. They just kept their guns pointed at me.
“Why are you moving backwards now Justice?”
Amara spoke from behind me. Cold sweat broke from my head. The boy who knelt between the legs of the girl jerked his head up, a deadly smile playing on his lips.

To be continued

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