Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me By Foxyflow… Part 8


The Devil Who Loved Me By Foxyflow…Part 8

Amara went to the counter to place order for the food while I got busy flipping through the notes I made during the classes for the day. A thumping sound vibrated the table where my bag was on. I lifted my face to see a bottle of coke. Amara had taken the seat opposite mine.
“You are a bookworm. Is it everywhere you read?”
She asked.
“No, I know how to catch fun but then, first thing first, I have to read my books.”
I replied.
“Even if you are with a beautiful lady that is craving your attention?”
Her voice went a shade low. I lifted up my head to see her pouting her lips and feigning anger. I laughed heartily and put my books away.
“And who told you that you are beautiful?”
I was being mischievous. She was as beautiful as an angel and her voice, gives my ears a soulful tingle.
“Who is talking about me?”
I snorted.
“That fine babe by your side have been drooling over you since we came in.”
My heart skipped two beats but I did not turn around.
“You are seeing things. O God, open the eyes of my servant Gehazi that she may see that the only person gazing at me right now is her.”
I said. She laughed long and hard then reached for me by stretching herself. The smack was a playful one but I still felt the pain all the same.
“Don’t call me your servant. I am your mother.”
“You wish. My mother is not ugly and her nose ain’t big like yours.”
This seemed to get at her as she stood up and smacked me on the head before going straight to the counter to get the orders she had placed. I quickly stole a look to my left and saw an empty table. I shook my head. Amara was definitely messing with me.
“Beans and plantain for you, pounded yam and vegetable soup for me.”
Amara said dropping the tray containing my food before returning to get her own food. I had told her once that I loved beans and plantain a lot and wouldn’t mind eating daily. I immediately pounced on the food, eating with so much vigor.
“If one sees you eating this way, he would think you have not seen food for like three days.”
I heard Amara say as she dropped her food. I only shook my head. I wouldn’t blame myself though having gone through what I been gone through, the constant starvation and the little food by the verandah.
“Young woman claims man murdered and body mutilated raped her earlier.”
The picture of the man smiling and a blurred picture of his corpse graced the frontpage of The Vanguard Newspaper.
“Four suspects have been arrested in connection to the murder. The Public Relations Officer, Nyanya Force Headquarters, ASP Mudinat calls on the public to go about their lawful duties as the police is doing all in its powers to speed up investigations and see the culprits thrown behind bars. But the question on the lips of everyone is, why are the corpses turning out having the same parts mutilated? The hand and the Joystick cutoff. And why do ladies come out with stories of having been raped by the dead men?”
I stopped where the paper said “continue on page 4”.
“Man, 38, rapes 12 years old girl.”
It was at the top corner of the newspaper, page 12 to be precise. I flipped open the pages until I got to the main news. I read down until I got to the point where the man was granted bail with the family pleading for justice. The man had connections and the judge had advised that the family settled out of court. I kept reading until I saw the area where it had happened. Karimo, one of the satellite towns in Abuja. I smiled, stood up from my desk and walked towards the shelf.
I stood on my toes to access the top of the shelf. I touched the wooden handle of my hammer and smiled.

To be continued

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