Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me By Foxyflow…Part 5


That moment you stay speechless watching events unfold before your eyes. My aunt was seated, the drunken master of her husband and my supposed mother. The silence was eerie. Nobody bothered explaining anything to me. I felt displaced and irrelevant in the room.
“Lucy, I have come for my son.”
The woman spoke out. My aunt stared at her like she hadn’t said a word. I stood up and walked to the fridge, opened it and poured myself a glass of cold water. My uncle did not move. First time I was not rebuffed by him. I was still trying to digest what had happened earlier.
“You should have told me you were coming…. I would have…”
My aunt started to speak but was stopped in mid-sentence by the woman.
“Have done what? Bought new clothes for my son?”
I looked at their faces, supposed mom looked angry, aunty looked scared and shaken but my uncle, his eyes were just the same, drunk. He had not spoken a word. All he did was shake his legs together while his dull eyes roamed about the room settling on nothing in particular.
“No Clara, let me explain.”
My supposed mother gave a dry mirthless laughter and at the same time her dry eyes welled up with tears. She bit her lips in a bid to remain strong but the salty liquid still flooded its bank.
“I trusted you, sent you money weekly, not naira Lucy, dollars. Yet, yet, you couldn’t look after Justice.”
My aunt turned to look at her husband for succor but it was not forthcoming. I still stood planted to a spot.
“Erm, Clara, listen to your sister. She tried her best to look after Justice. She did a fine work on him.”
My uncle spoke slowly. I looked at him with great disgust. He shouldn’t have spoken. His silence would have been golden.
“Well, since you both don’t have anything to say, I will leave immediately with my son.”
My mother, Clara screamed. Everything was happening real fast.
“Justice, go inside and get your things, we are leaving this very minute.”
I remained where I was standing.
“Okay, if you don’t have anything to take, come, we are going away from here, away from this wicked souls.”
She stood up and grabbed me by the hand. I did not bulge.
“All my life, all my life, I have lived like an orphan. You come out of the blues and want to take me away? Don’t you feel I have every right to know what is happening here? Why I had been abandoned and left to suffer through my childhood?”
Maybe my words cut my mother deep. She left me and staggered back to her seat. My aunt for the first time started sobbing followed by my mum, soon it became a full blown wail. I could not hold back anymore. I allowed the dam of years of suppressed emotion to break open. I cried from the bottom of my heart, pictures of my childhood and that of Rukaiya flashing through my mind.
“Be a good boy, read your books and make sure you don’t join bad boys. I will be there to provide you with all you need. Just call me when you need anything.”
I looked at her face and smiled. I had an angel for a mother yet she allowed me to be raised by demons.
“Mama, don’t worry. I won’t let you down.”
I said to her smiling and shaking my head from left to right.
“Oya give your mother a hug.”
She said spreading her arms for me. I looked around, some students who were walking past had slowed down to watch such open display of love. I quickly hugged her, turned and wanted to run away.
“Justice, you are forgetting something.”
I turned and looked at her. Her hand shot upward with a finger resting on her cheek. I need to get used to this thing I screamed in my head as I rushed towards her and placed a quick kiss on her cheek.
“Awww, sweet, mother’s boy.”
Some students hailed as I ran inside and up the flight of stairs that led to my room in the hostel. I had gotten admitted to study Theatre and Media Arts in the prestigious Federal University Lafia.
I was only sixteen years.

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