OMG! Amber Rose Displays Everything , Shows Her Hairy V*gina(Warning, Photo 18+ See Here)

Amber Rose shocked her followers on Friday night with a full frontal semi-nude snap as she promoted her annual ‘SlutWalk’, many thought her account was hacked, Dear Lailans, it wasn’t.

Breaking Instagram’s strict guidelines on nudity, the former stripper uploaded a snap showing her full lady garden as she posed seductively on a staircase.

Despite flashing most of her modesty, she did decide to cover up her ample cleavage in a black string bikini top.

“SlutWalk,” she captioned it referring to the protest which calls for an end to rape culture, including victim blaming and slut shaming of se*ual assault victims, and will take place for the third time this October.

Stunned fans flooded the snap with comments, with one simply asking: “Girl, what are you doing?????!!!?!?!?!”

Another said she should never have posted it, writing: “It’s beautiful and natural. But shouldn’t have posted on social media but hey I won’t hate on her hustle.”uncensored
“She has a lot of confidence to post this…something most of y’all lack,” wrote a third.

While a fourth shared “please tell me this isn’t real”.

The Photo is completely uncensored , reason why we had to embed it, if you really wanna see it click HERE..(18+)

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